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How to Win Your Election 30 Days Before the Polls Open

All political parties and campaigns rely heavily on people who volunteer their time in one capacity or another.  You do not have to make it a second job or spend so much time helping that it puts a strain on you - just do what you are comfortable doing and put in the amount of time that works for you.

It would be almost pointless to volunteer if you are eligible to vote and do not exercise that right.  To get off on the right foot, make sure you are registered to vote in your district. To obtain voter and registration information click here:

VOTER INFORMATION BY STATE  and select your state. 

Many states permit early voting and Virginia has Early Absentee Voting where you can vote well in advance of Election Day if you qualify.  We encourage everyone to vote early if they are eligible.  If you wait until Election Day there is always the possibility that something might come up to keep you from getting to your polling place.

Volunteering can be as simple as reminding friends to vote for the Republican candidate.  For VRA, it can be signing up for our e-mail updates by going to and getting valuable information about political events that are taking place that will have an impact on your life and future.  We ask that after you begin receiving our updates that you forward them to friends and colleagues.

Other volunteer opportunities include making telephone calls on behalf of our candidate or candidates in your area, knocking on doors, passing out literature, and assisting with mailings or answering the telephone at the Republican county committee office or the candidate's campaign office.  If you are not sure who to contact, you can reach out to us at VRA -  and we will answer your questions and get you to the right person. 

The polling place where you vote is located in the precinct that you reside in.  Each precinct has a Precinct Captain who has responsibility for that precinct.  One important duty of the Precinct Captain is managing the polling place in the precinct on Election Day.  The Precinct Captain will recruit volunteers to assist with the duties in the precinct.  On Election Day each party is allowed to have poll watchers inside the polling place to observe the voting process and ensure that no violations occur.  The Republican Party periodically provides training for poll watchers to ensure that they are aware of the rules and procedures. 

Each party has Sample Ballots that are distributed to voters as the enter the building where the voting takes place.  Ideally, each voter will be offered a Sample Ballot and of course may accept or reject it.  The Sample Ballot, in addition to having candidate information, may contain information and party position on any bond issues that are on the official ballot.  The volunteers often work in shifts of 2-4 hours and provide a valuable service to the party and to the candidates. 

The Precinct Captain is also a volunteer and this position or acting as an assistant to the Precinct Captain may be an option that you would like to explore. 


Please contact us at if you have questions or would like to have additional information.
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